By making a good plan, you will increase your chances of getting the best Cyber Monday deals. If you are trying to get a pair of shoes at a discounted price, then you should take a few things into consideration.

Start the process of preparation earlier

When we say early preparation we mean way earlier than Sunday night. The best option is to start writing down the shoes that you find interesting in a notebook or even better in MS Word or some other text processing program. By creating a wish list, you will easily check the prices of these products when Cyber Monday comes. In addition, you won’t get confused with the huge offer of shoes on this day.

After that, you should check the most popular retailers and find the best Cyber Monday coupons and discounts. Find out whether you can use these discounts in addition to the Cyber Monday discounts. Don’t stick to a single retailer – analyze the offer of at least three online retailers. Compare the prices of each retailer and their range of products.

Cyber Monday and Black Friday

What is interesting is that in many cases, online retailers have the same products on sale on Cyber Monday and Black Friday. But, many of them will offer shoes at a better price on Cyber Monday. For example, if the Black Friday shoe deal came with a 50% off, they can be found with a 70% off on Cyber Monday.

Most experts agree that Cyber Monday is the best event to shop for shoes and clothes. The majority of retailers will offer coupon codes to your email which means that you should check your email regularly. In case you have a favorite brand, sign up for their newsletters. If you do this, you will not only get updates and news, but you will also get additional discounts.

There are many retailers that are providing coupon codes that can help you buy a pair of shoes for up to half of the original price. Old Navy, Aeropostale, Rue 21, Ann Taylor, American Eagle – these are just some of these brands. They have exceptional shoes for women, men, and kids.

Get additional discounts

Use the live chat feature on a website and ask the operator whether you can get a special coupon code. Another tip is to buy multiple pairs of shoes or a pair of shoes and few other products. Some retailers are providing discounts for buyers that are buying multiple products.