How to check my static IP address

how to check my static IP address How to find static IP address IP address is a range of numbers which defines our computer’s address on the network. Computers communicate by sending packets to the recipient’s IP address. Computers communicate by locating each other’s IP address. There are two types of IP addresses depending upon the need to be on the same […]

Reviews Plugin, W3 Total Cache

W3 Total Cache Plugin Reviews  plugin, W3 Total Cache It is an awesome plugin well trusted by many popular blogs and greatly increase the user experience of your blog by improving the server performance by caching and thus reducing the download time of your theme. It also provides Content Delivery Network (CDN) Integration. With CDN integration capability, you can […]

Implementing facebook like button:How To

facebook like Implementing facebook like button in WordPress – How To Facebook has made it possible for bloggers and other website owners to show their posts and contents in facebook, a social networking site, which is visible to the contacts’ of the people facebook ‘like’-ing the posts or the contents of the website. Let us look at […]

Add background image to header:How To

wadd background image to header in wordpress Add background image to header – How To   Add Background image to header Google’s Blogger provides the option to directly upload the picture to the blog header. Some have had problems with it. Here we would need to manually edit the code mentioned below  by modifying the template in the ‘Edit Html’ section.

Remove URL from Google index using SERPs:How To

remove url from google index by modifying robots.txt Remove URL from Google index using SERPs – How To Now it is possible to remove a single URL from SERPs (Search Engine Result pages). Once a particular URL is indexed by Google, one need to follow steps to make the URLs not appear in Search Engine Results.

Link building techniques improve page ranking:How To

link building How link building techniques improve page ranking of your site Link Building techniques Link building plays an important role in improving page ranking in the SERPs (search engine results page). SERPs is the listing of web pages returned by a search engine in response to a keyword query in search engines. SERPs would include a […]

Why Nofollow links within the site’s inner pages should be avoided

do follow & no follow attributes Nofollow links within the site’s inner pages is considered as bad SEO. Page ranking is one of the top scorer in all search ranking factors. Google will pass on the page rank to the inner-pages linked from that main page provided. Let us consider a scenario where a page within a website has been assigned […]

Insert favicon into wordpress blog:How To

insert favicon into wordpress blog Insert favicon into wordpress blog Steps to be taken to Insert favicon into a WordPress blog Search on google or any other search engine for ‘favicon generator online’. Select a picture and change the file name to ‘favicon.ico. Upload the picture and select the format suitable for favicon and it would convert the picture to […]

Set up Blogger,browser to show exact stats:How To

setup blogger, browser to show exact stats How to set up Blogger How to set up Blogger and your browser to show the exact stats of your visitors.As a serious blogger, the accuracy of the number of visits to your site is very important and should not include your visits to the site. 

News feed updates from Facebook friends:How To

news feed updates from facebook friends How to get news feed updates from your friends on Facebook by changing the settings Every time there is a Facebook change or update, it means that one is not seeing everything that one should be seeing.  Have you noticed seeing news feed from the same people lately. Have you noticed that when you post […]